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Im sorry to have this chessy message but I can't think of anything else to put up here except links to my pages. Since this is the index page. I sugjust you go the links listed below.

I hope you like the backgrounds. If you see somthing you don't like please tell me. Also if anyone out there knows how to set up java please e-mail me.
Get lots of Info on MK4
My Pages
Simply 3d WebRing

The main page of my webring for simply 3d users
Dragon Lord's Mecha Sonic Shrine
My shrine to a robot Sonic The Hedgehog featuring a 3d title done by me!

 The Dragon's Lair Mortal Kombat Page

It's a bit a a chesy Mortal Kombat page I made when I was new 2 the web
Time Kombat

A Story based on Mortal Kombat It's relly kewl.
Dragon Lord's Stuff 4 $ale

A page that lists most of the stuff I am selling
ALL pages were made by me: Dragon Lord