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Here are 2 storys for Time Kombat that were witten by me.

Ideas for a new Mortal Kombat game, "Time Kombat"
By:Dragon Lord

Idea 1:

Shao Kahn has lost the 3rd Mortal Kombat, the earth realm was saved and
Shao Kahn was back in the outworld plotting revenge against the winner of the
third tournament. 20 years have passed since the last Mortal Kombat and
Shao Kahn is at it again he has had his demon sorcior create a time portal
so he could gather the meanest warriors throught time including Gengis Kahn &
Kano. When Raiden found out he gathered some the mightiest warriors through
out time including Liu Kang & Kung Lao {The original}, now the mightiest
waririers must fight for their lives and the lives of all the people on

The following descriptions are for stages and chariters.

Story2: It has been 50 years since UMK3 and all but a hand full of people
have forgotin that horrible day when Shao Kahn the Emperor of the outworld
set foot on the Earth Realm. The only people who remember are
The Order of Light (Rebuilt by Liu Kang & Kung Lao (B4 he was killed) All
members of the order are taught the story of how Liu Kang won the 3
tournament's. They train for the day Shao Kahn Threatens the Earth realm again.
In the Outworld Shao Kahn has grown very angry due to the fact he has lost 3
times and most of his best warriors. He summons his demon sorcerer Shang Tsung,
He tells Tsung if he does not figure a way to win the next tournament he will
let King Gorbak (Goro's Dad who is not happy with Tsung for losing his son!)
Fearing for his life, Tsung tells his emperor that he may be able to open a
Time portal linking earth and the outworld so Shao Kahn may go back in time
to gather the best warriors from the past. (He is able to open the time
portal because of a rare alignment of stars that happen once every million
years.) The emperor is pleased and Tsung gets to work on the portal.
While the short time Shao Kahn was ruler of the Earth Realm He had knowledge
of Earth’s Bad guy's. When the time came to open the portal Shao Kahn told
Tsung if he did not win the tournament he would strip him of his powers and
youth. Tsung had warned the emperor about tampering with time that if he
was not careful about the time he chose to take a warrior he could end up
destroying the Earth realm or the Outworld at the very least, at the most
he could destroy time itself. Shao Kahn's first Choose was a warrior and
conqer from Earth's past named Genghis Kahn, The emperor told Kahn if he
faught for him he would get many lands and riches. Kahn agreed to fight
for The Emperor. Shao Kahn also picked another conquer from earth's past
named attila the hun, he told hun the same thing he had told Kahn, hun
aggered to work for Shao Kahn. Shao Kahn's third choice was the prince
of pain himself GORO! (That is why goro disappeared after losing the first
tournament Shao Kahn took him out of his time) Since Goro was a loyal
servrnt of the Emperor, Goro agreed to fight to the Death for Shao Kahn.
Shao Kahn's fourth stop was to just after Kintaro had been defeated in MK2.
Kintaro and Goro knew nothing about how Shao Kahn put Motaro in charge of the
extermenation squads in mk3. Shao Kahn next stops just before his "Lovley"
daughter Mileena is killed in Umk3, She brought her boyfriend Baraka with her.
Now we are on The earth realm with Raiden. Since Raiden is the god of thunder
& lightning is immortal and immediately knew what Shao Kahn had done and used
the portal to gather warriors through out time himself, he first got
THE Kung Lao (The same one who had defeated Shang Tsung in the early
tournaments) He next went to France to get Joan of arc since she was a
fighter for what she believed in and was just and fair. Next he went to Japan
in the 12th century and gathered a master ninja who was known as Cobra
(OK so it's a stupid name but it's just till I come up with something better)
next he went to the present and he got a baseball player who is a member of
the order of light his name is "Sport1" (Need a better name) he then goes to
present day where we are an a deep underground cavern mils Beneath the earth
away from civilization where we find Robo-Smoke where Raiden asks him to
defend the Earth Realm from Shao Kahn Smoke thought about what the Lin-Kuie
had done to him and what other people saw, Smoke finally reluctlnty agreed to
help Raiden. Another addition was Robo-Hydro (Who is a descendent of the new
sub-zero) he had volunteered to be roboized unlike the proto-type smoke who
had somehow kept his soul all Robo ninja's have no soul. His mission was to
assasanate the head of the order of light. His mission was a failure but the
Lin-Kuie had learned of Shao Kahn's Time Portal and the new Mortal Kombat.
They Sent Hydro to the tournament to kill Shao-Kahn and take control of the
Portal so they could be the rulers of the world. We switch back to the
outworld where we see Kitana and Reptile talking, they want to kill Shao Kahn
and end Mortal Komabt so they could return the once butifull out world to it's
former glory. Hiding in the shadows is a mystrey ninja who over hears Kitana
and Reptiles plot to over throw Shao Kahn and kill Millena and Baraka.
His loyalty is unknown he may work for Shao Kahn or Raiden, or he may want
to rule in Shao Kahn's place.

The line up is as follows:

The Good Guys:

Lord RaidenRaiden: God thunder and lightning, he has gathered the
mightist warriors throughout time to help battle the
dark forces of the evil emperor Shao Kahn.

Kung Lao: This is THE Kung Lao, the very same who defeated
Shang Tsung over 10,000 years ago in Mortal Kombat.
Raiden has brought him back because he is one of the mightiest

Reptile UnmaskedReptile enters the tournament out of revenge agenst
Shao Kahn for enslaving his race for so long.
NOTE: He is not dressed as ninja but he does have an
outfit like Sub-Zero's from mk3. A green vest and
black pants, no shoes.

"Sport1": Pro baseball player and pitcher, Raiden came to him
and said he was needed.

Hydro: Action ShotHydro: A blue Robo Ninja who is Sub-Zero's descendent.Hydro: VS Screen Shot


Bad Guys:

Shao KahnShao Kahn: The emperor himself. Playable in 2player mode
but never in 1 player mode.
Shang Tsung: The emperor’s demon sorcerer, he is the one
who opened the time portal for Shao Kahn.

MilieenaMilieena: Although she was killed in the second tournament,
she was just a clone on Kitana (Not an exact replica) she
was loyal to the emperor Shao Kahn 100%.
So Shao Kahn decided to remake mileena for a second time,
this time she is deadlier than ever!

Gengis Kahn: Lured in to serving Shao Kahn by the promise of
power and wealth he fights on the side of the emperor.

KintaroKintaro: The most fearsit warrior of the Shokan race,
Shao Kahn has brought him back to fight in this new
tournament (As a regular player).

Goro (Prince of Pain)Goro: "The prince of pain" is back and he is not happy,
after losing the first Mortal Kombat and thought dead he
returns more powerful than ever. (As a regular)

Attila the Hun:Not satisfied with the warriors the other people had to fight him he longed for a real fight. Then one day Shao Kahn showed up and promised him more worthy adversaries.

Baraka (Smilley) =)Baraka:Mileena's future husband (don't they just make the cutest pair?)
pulled through the Time portal with Mileena.

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