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Line with dragon symbul


Line with dragon symbul

You are kombatent #(Comming soon) to try and win Mortal Kombat

Dragon Lord

I have desided to let you nice pepole see some pictures I have made. I am intrested in what you think. To save loading time I will just have links to them on my page.

Here is a picture of the UMK3 screen with Rain, Noob and Human Smoke on the chareter slect screen with a neat border. Image1996.gif

Here is a picture of Ermac standing infront of a red portal. Ermac1.gif

Here is a picture of a female fighter in red. Fighter1.gif

Here is a picture of a male fighter in kind of a blueish purple color. Fighter2.gif

Here is a picture of rain after you put in his UKC (If he had 1) Rain1.gif

A VS. screen pose by Rain. Rain2.gif

A human smoke VS. screen shot. Smoke1.gif

See if you can see why I call this picture Strange.gif

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. If you use them on youre web page for any reason that is good, please give me credit. If you wish to see the old site please e-mail me and I will put it back up at this adress.

Check out MK the LIVE tour page. The tour came here and it was cool!!! with lasers!

any questions? e-mail me at but please send all files to as I can't receve any type of attachments @uit. Thanxs