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This page is dedicated to Sonic The Hedgehog after he was robotacized is issue #39 of the archie series. I do so hope you like it.

I have most of the The Sonic The Hedgehog archie comics but unfortunately I am missing a few but since only 1 groshery store and 1 comic store sell them it's hard to keep up sometimes.

Since I am still trying to edit some pictures of mecha sonic take a look at all the pic I have available for download. Some you may have seen on other sites some only in the archie series. So feel free to take them.

The Mecha Sonic title at the top of the page was done by me. Dragon Lord.

I would really love to have more mecha sonic pics. I do have allot there just hidden (sorta) so if u give em to me I may already have it.

Please feel free to submit your Sonic The Hedgehog site just e-mail me the address. Please enjoy this site and if you like it tell everyone else about it please! I would be most happy to get hits on this site.

I Fixed all the graphics so they now
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Daniel Fox:
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